The FAM is dedicated to helping online entrepreneurs sell more of their stuff by mastering marketing funnels and advertising.

"The FAM is a MUST for anyone wanting to grow their business with funnels."

- Jenn E

Don't Market Alone - Join The FAM

The FAM is based on 4 core principles of online business growth.

  1. Offers - make compelling offers to your target market.
  2. Funnels - put the offers inside of high-converting marketing funnels
  3. Traffic - get eyeballs on your offers; paid & organic
  4. Email Nurture - take care of those that aren't ready to buy yet.

Yes, if you're keeping score at home that spells O.F.T.EN. Do this often and you will succeed.

Hi, I’m Cody Burch

I'm obsessed with digital marketing and advertising.

I also believe your message matters and you have your ideas for a reason.

Thus, keeping your ideas to yourself is a wee bit selfish.

I'm here to help you get your ideas to the world so you can reach the people you feel called to serve.